A celebration is the end result. How you choose to celebrate is all in the details...

My love for weddings and special events started at a young age and developed into a passionate career. At 9 years old (way back when…), I obsessively watched Steve Martin’s Father of the Bride, enthralled with every wedding planning scene and decided I wanted to be the female version of Franck Eggelhoffer. When I reached high school, I joined ASB to plan all school events and bought every edition of Martha Stewart Weddings magazines pouring over pictures of destinations, cakes, flowers, linens.

Jumping forward, now equipped with over 15 years of experience, having planned weddings from Santa Barbara, New York, Sonoma, Joshua Tree to Maine and countless venues in Southern California, weddings are my thing! My passion is to work with clients that stay true to themselves durning the planning process, caring more about the foundation of their marriage than the hours spent on planning the wedding. By allowing me to plan, clients can be present in their lives, engagement time and on the wedding day. I thoroughly enjoy infusing ideas together to make a cohesive and completely unique event reflective of my client. With keen attention to detail, I turn every event into a custom tailored, stylized celebration.

Christin Wilson

I am saved by grace + a lover of travel, cappuccinos, ballet flats, a good manicure, a great book, bike rides, massages, hammocks, adventures with my fisherman, Steven, and my pets, cats: Lolli & Vibe and foster dog, Clark (as in Griswold, not Kent)